LOVE ME LIFE 自分を、もっと好きになる人生へ。
LOVE ME LIFE 自分を、もっと好きになる人生へ。

LOVE ME LIFE 自分を、もっと好きになる人生へ。

Vision of
ARIGATO Corporation

すべてのLove me Lifeを叶えたい。

ARIGATO Corporation
Representative Director


Make your “WAKUWAKU”
All for the sake of
"ARIGATO" from our customers.

We have grown through the number of encounters we have had with our customers.
We exist to have those important people say "Thank you.
To achieve this, we will continue to deliver unique products and services by enjoying challenges without fear of change.
We will continue to deliver products and services that cannot be found anywhere else.
We want everyone to feel happy to be involved with ARIGATO.
We hope that every encounter with ARIGATO will fill your everyday life with excitement.
We have been and will continue to help create opportunities for positive change.

すべてのLove me Lifeを叶えたい。

ARIGATO Corporation
Representative Director


Commitment to Work

The starting point of ARIGATO is "gratitude". What one person cannot do alone, two people can accomplish together. We are committed and proud of our salon management and product development so that we can deliver happiness to our customers, business partners, and all other people involved with ARIGATO.

Member Introduction
Member Introduction


When your skin is beautiful,
you feel confident about yourself.
You will love yourself.
We are committed to providing products
that will help our customers
We provide products that can make your life
We offer products
that can help customers realize a "life in
which they love themselves more.


Molly's Professional is a counseling cosmetic exclusively for esthetic professionals. Because the more you pamper your skin, the more it will cut corners. What you need to do now to draw out the power of your skin is skin fasting


Tanto Luxe is a brand that addresses the essential concerns of women. Tanto Luxe was created to address the unique concerns of women in order for them to live vibrantly and beautifully in their own way.


Bigankin SOSEI is an esthetic school that focuses on the root of your problems, "muscles," "capillaries," and "cells," rather than going after your problems one by one, and you can learn the correct knowledge of all of them through classroom lectures and practical techniques.


Salon Chesse Duras is a personal salon that works closely with customers to help them achieve what they "want to be. Women's beauty comes from a healthy body and mind. We offer first-class techniques and a comfortable space based on the concept of low prices and high technology.


At morry's, we want to make everyone's "Love me Life" come true by creating beautiful, healthy skin even with no foundation.

Philosophy of ARIGATO Corporation PHILOSOPHY


Love me Life
Toward a life where you love yourself more.

Life is more fun when you love yourself.
But to love yourself, it is important how you live each day.
Become a person who can give, not just receive.
Become someone who not only needs someone else, but is needed by someone else.
After accumulating all of these, the person you want to be will surely be waiting for you.
That is why ARIGATO is here,
The opportunity to love yourself more,
We promise to provide everyone involved with ARIGATO with the opportunity to love themselves more.
Our motto is "Love me Life".
Let's celebrate the best life together, all together.

The Promise of ARIGATO


Head Office Address

  • address
    10-19 Yoshino-cho, Kokurakita-ku,
    Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
    Park Plaza Mihagino 3F
  • nearest station
    Kitakyushu Monorail
    3 minutes walk from "Kaharukuchi-Mihagino" station
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Tokyo Office

  • address
    2-2-4, Shiba Daimon,
    Minato-ku, Tokyo
    3F No.2 Kiku Building
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Shipping Office

  • address
    2-4-1 Higashiminato, Kokurakita-ku,
    Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
  • nearest station
    10 min. walk from Nishi-Kokura Station
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