June 2001

Nail Salon Chesse
Kokura store opened.

We opened on the second floor of a building with three seats. The name 'Chesse' comes from the word 'chickpea'! From the cute sound and the meaning of starting from a chick...

October 2002

Nail salon Chesse
Shimonoseki Daimaru branch opens.

We opened on the first floor of a famous department store, in the corner of the flowery cosmetics section! It was a very sobering experience.

October 2002

Nail School Chesse
Kokura school opened.

At a time when nail art was not yet widespread, we wanted to convey the beauty of nail art! With the desire to nurture manicurists, a dream job, we opened a nail school, which was almost unheard of at that time.

November 2004

Nail Salon Chesse Kokura and
Nail School Chesse Kokura
Moved to LAFORET Harajuku Kokura.

Moved and expanded to LAFORET Harajuku, a shopping center where young people gather.
The name recognition of the company has increased at once.

March 2007

Total beauty salon Chesse & Duras Kokura was born.

Nail salon Chesse Kokura and nail school Chesse Kokura were relocated, and esthetic salon Duras was opened at the same time. Renamed total beauty salon Chesse & Duras Kokura Honten.

December 2009

Nail Salon & Nail School Chesse
YUME City branch opened.
Eyelash Salon Duras YUME City branch open.

Opened a nail salon and an eyelash salon in YUME City in Shin-Shimonoseki, respectively. At the time, there were few stores specializing in eyelash extensions, and they attracted a lot of attention from the industry.

March 2010

Established ARIGATO CO.,LTD.

The company's philosophy is to be thankful for everything, and to always keep a heart of gratitude in mind...

December 2011

Total Beauty Salon
Chesse & Duras Tobata branch open.

The second total salon of nail, esthetic and eyelash salon.

October 2013

Nail School Chesse Kokura opened.
Certified by the Japan Manicurist Association.

After passing the strict criteria, the school was accredited by the Japan Manicurist Association! Upgraded to a rare and valuable school, one of only two in Kitakyushu City.

May 2014

In-house skincare brand
'morry's' developed.
Exhibited at Beauty World
2014 for the first time.

We wanted a product we could be proud of, a cosmetic product we could be satisfied with!
We incorporated a lot of feedback from our esthetic customers and created our own brand with a lot of attention to detail.

January 2015

Kokura main store and Tobata store merged.
Total beauty salon Chesse & Duras Kokura Main Store

Relocated and expanded to current location. Kokura Main Store and Tobata Store merged and opened in an expanded location! The salon area and the number of seats have doubled, and the number of staff has also increased, making the salon more lively and colorful! We now have more time to spend with each customer.

March 2015

In-house skincare brand 'morry's'
first appearance on CS broadcast
Store Channel for the first time.

"Our first on-air debut was sold out in 40 minutes!
It was an emotional and shocking debut."

November 2015

"Shop Channel.
First GGV appearance."

March 2016

"Developed and produced product
Face Treatment "MA・SHIRO".
Debut on terrestrial TBS broadcast."

Introduced and debuted on a terrestrial TBS broadcast mail order program. The program was aired as a "salon where many beautiful women with a clean face appear one after another. The product received a great response and sold out in 10 days at the salon.

April 2016

Relocated and expanded to the current location as
"Chesse & Duras YUME City Store.
Relocated and expanded to current location."

"Nail Salon & Nail School Chesse YUME City Store and
Eyelash Salon Duras YUME City Store merged."

September 2016

"Shop Channel
First SSV appearance."

November 2018

Molly's e-commerce site opens.

October 2019

Debut of Molly's Professional

January 2020

"Hair salon AUBE "LAUBEST".
Produce "Multi Oil" for hair salon AUBE.

July 2020

Produced hair shampoo and
treatment for
hair salon AUBE "LAUBEST".
Produced hair shampoo and hair treatment.

August 2020

Prolabo Holdings Inc.

November 2020

"Kirara Asuka produced "KISSHADA",
a weak current face mask.
Produced "KISSHADA".

December 2020

Produced "YUNKORO's new skincare brand
Produced "REVIES" skincare brand.

January 2021

"Produced "BABYHUG"
all-in-one soap by Hachyuu
Produced "BABYHUG".

February 2021

"Seina Shimabukuro produces skincare brand
Produced "QOBE" skincare brand.

February 2021

"Yumika Hirao produces her first skincare brand
BNe" is produced by Yumika Hirao.

February 2021

Launched Tant RUX, a feminine zone care oil.
"Tant RUX" launched.

August 2021

"Launched Tant RUX Soap
Tant RUX Soap" was launched.

September 2021

Launched "ashino," our original compression socks.
"Ashino" was launched.

October 2021

Launched "kuchino" facial masks